Register self-employed in Hungary

Whether you're a language teacher, an online marketer or an expat with a skill or service you plan to sell, if you're living in Hungary while you do it, you'll need to be properly registered and paying the correct taxes.

Self-employment using the KATA tax system is usually the best option.

Convenient for online freelancers

Once registered, you'll be able to issue e-invoices to customers immediately.

There are simple tax options

Hungary has the KATA tax scheme where most people pay a fixed rate of 50,000 HUF per month, covering all their tax and social security obligations.

Quicker and easier than registering a company

After a few hours of paperwork, you'll be all set up with a bookkeeper and ready to do business.

Get help from our expert

Our expert will assist you with the process from start to finish. After a no-obligation, in-person meeting to discuss your exact circumstances and answer any questions you have, you’ll get a personalised quote for setup. This will consist of a one-time setup fee and an ongoing fee to cover bookkeeping and filing services. There are also some government costs to pay.

Once things get started, your expert will tell you what documents are needed, how to get them and where they need to be submitted. They’ll be on hand for any question you have and to help you overcome any hiccups. Once you’re ready to start doing business, you’ll receive an invoicing guide explaining how to write an invoice either electronically or on paper and they can also advise on the proration of taxes, and general banking advice.

Please note - you’ll need to be located in Hungary with an address here. This process can’t be done remotely.

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What are the steps?


Obtain a registration certificate from the immigration office

If you're an EEA/EU citizen this is how you register your residence in Hungary. You don't need any other documents to be able to work.

If you're a non-EEA/EU citizen, you'll need to get a residence permit for the pursuit of gainful activity. This process is more involved and you may need help from an immigration lawyer.

Register with Ügyfélkapu

This is the online portal for accessing government services in Hungary. The website is only in Hungarian, so we'll help guide you.

Receive your personal tax number

This will come in the mail to you - so nothing to do here but wait.

Obtain a TAJ card

This card is proof that you pay into the Hungarian social security system and entitles you to the same healthcare as locals. You'll need to visit a government office to get this. Expect a queue.

Finalise registration with your bookkeeper

Your bookkeeper will finalize the registration process online then you can begin invoicing. You'll have to use specialised e-invoicing software or buy special invoice books. We'll show you how.

Change your residence permit type (some non-EEA/EU citizens only)

Once set up you may need to return to the immigration office to change your residence permit type. We'll guide you on this if required.

Typical self-employment costs

Remember, these vary by circumstance.
Our expert will help you work our your specific costs.

Self Employment Setup FeeBookkeeper Ongoing FeeKATA Tax ContributionChamber of Commerce FeeCommunity Tax
60,000 HUF10,000 HUF50,000 HUF5,000 HUF50,000 HUF
Pay Once
Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly

Note: The bookkeeper setup fee and the ongoing fee are determined based on the type of activity and business you are conducting. There may be additional fees for various reasons such as the need to invoice outside of Hungary, adding employees, or adding a registered office/shop.

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Fill in one short form and we'll get back to you shortly to arrange a no-obligation chat with our local expert.

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I was able to get my KATA setup in an efficient and quick manner. The service provided was extremely helpful and necessary for me to do my business. I highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to set up KATA.”


The KATA setup was not easy, but it was much easier with the help I received. I couldn’t have set everything up without the assistance given to me.


Got questions?

We'll try to cover them?

Who's going to be helping me?

In Budapest, we work with a local business consultant who, working with a small team has helped dozens of freelancers register a self-employed and get set up with a bookkeeper.

Can I do this myself?

There is nothing stopping you registering self-employed however you'll find it very difficult without knowing Hungarian. A bookkeeper is required to be able to file accounts.

Do I even need to register self-employed?

If you're working for a single employer that is based or has an office in Hungary, it's probably easier for them to hire you. Or, depending on what exactly you do, registering a company might be better. Our expert will discuss options with you at your meeting.

Is this a guaranteed process?

Most people have no problem registering as self-employed in Hungary. Provided your honest and accurate when registering with the government and provide all the required documentation in a timely fashion, nothing should go wrong. Where there are bumps in the road, our expert will do their very best to help you overcome them.